Krauthammer Scolds ‘Ridiculous, Incomprehensible’ GOP For Failing To Pass Border Bill

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Charles Krauthammer was not particularly happy with the Republican House’s failure to pass a bill appropriating hundreds of millions of dollars to care for the flood of illegal immigrant children at the border, with the conservative columnist calling right-wing opposition to the bill “incomprehensible” and “ridiculous.”

The last-minute bill put by Speaker Boehner to the House before a congressional vacation was supposed to provide $659 million in emergency spending to provide for illegal immigrant children overwhelming government facilities along the southern border. The Daily Caller reported that it would have also expanded a 2008 loophole to allow unaccompanied Mexican children — as well as Central American children — to be granted legal residency (RELATED: Zombie GOP Bill Tried To Sneak Immigration Boost).

Krauthammer didn’t bring up that loophole, but blasted the GOP regardless. “The disarray among Republicans makes you pine for the days of earmarks and the rack,” he said. “That would be one or another way to get these guys lined up.”

“It’s to me incomprehensible why Republicans aren’t getting together on this,” he continued. “So-called ‘conservatives’ opposing the bill.”

Krauthammer noted that most Americans want to help the children already here, “and the appropriation [for that] is not at all extravagant.”

“There’s not a chance in hell that the Senate will come back or the president will sign [this bill],” he claimed, “but at least the Republicans would have shown that they can do something.”

“It is ridiculous to sue the president on a Wednesday because he has overstepped the law . . . and then on Thursday say that he should overstep the law, contradict the law that was passed in 2008, and deal with this himself,” Krauthammer concluded.

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