Oklahoma Kicker’s Playbook Is Laughably Small

Seth Richardson Contributor
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The Oklahoma Sooners are officially in the digital age. The team handed out iPads equipped with playbooks.

Each iPad is presumably catered to the player. Linebackers get defensive plays and wide receivers get offensive plays.

And kickers … well apparently kickers only get one play according to OU kicker Michael Hunnicutt.

We got iPads for our playbooks today. Here’s the only play loaded on mine..

— S. M. Hunnicutt (@Hunnicutt08) July 31, 2014


Solid move by Sooners’ coach Bob Stoops.

“Coach, don’t you think we might need some trick plays or something?”


“But what if …”

“Did I stutter? Sit the hell down and kick the ball when told.”

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