This Woman Was Warned Not To Pet A Lion. What Happens Next Is Not Surprising.

Seth Richardson Contributor
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In today’s “duh” story of the day, don’t put your hand in a lion cage. That’s what one Michigan woman found out the hard way, and now she’s suing the zoo.

WNEM reports Renae Ferguson was visiting the Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park by East Tawas on Saturday when she decided to stick her finger in a lion cage.

“I put my hand down there to pet it and it ripped my finger,” Ferguson said.

Shocker. Part of her middle finger was ripped off, and she alleges the owner told her to lie. Also, it was somehow the zoos fault. But still, lions. (RELATED: And Tigers!)

“I would like to see more precautions taken to protect the people as well as the animals,” Tina Dobson, her daughter, said.

The zoo owners said there are multiple signs warning patrons and they told her multiple times to not put her hand in a lion cage because it’s a lion, but that wasn’t enough. (RELATED: And Bears, Oh MY!)

At least Ferguson claims to have learned her lesson.

“They are beautiful, but don’t do it,” Ferguson said.

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