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Modern journalism

“Journalists once showed up at the houses of public figures to ask questions. Now members don’t even want to be questioned in their offices?” — Politico‘s Byron Tau.

BIG DAY: TPM reporter gets verified on Twitter

Politico senior copy editor has a pet peeve

“‘______ is the new black’ is not a clever headline, subhead or lede. Stop it.” — Politico Pro‘s Kelsey Hayes.

General Life Bitching 

“Oh for fuck’s sake, I finally get USPS to work for me to pick up & they say they’re going to redeliver. I’m screaming now. You can’t hear me.” — Journalism prof and blogger Jeff Jarvis.


The Observer 

“I know ONE THING – If I owned a restaurant and saw @RussPtacek walking thru the door, I would SH** myself #RestaurantAlerts #DMV.” — D.C. Paparazzo Mark Wilkins.

WaPo gets new sports editor

“It’s official: pumped to welcome @glennyoder to WaPo – joining the sports staff as an editor. The Boston takeover of DC continues!” — Wesley Lowery, political reporter, WaPo. Glenn Yoder is formerly with The Boston Globe, as is Lowery.

So ominous…

“A group of tourists stopped me on the street tonight and asked me to take a selfie of them.”  — BuzzFeed senior editor Samir Mezrahi.

Journo marvels at twists and turns of life 

“I think about what my life was like a year ago and all I can do is laugh.” — Jared Keller, director of programming, MicNews. He’s previously worked for Al Jazeera, The Atlantic, National Journal and Bloomberg.


“Are you against everything and for nothing? Ask your guidance counselor if a career in the House GOP is right for you.” — the Twitter handle known as  @pourmecoffee.

Oh no he didn’t.


“RIP @daveweigel” — Mother JonesAsawin Suebsaeng.