Report: Va. Voter Fraud Cases Still Not Being Investigated — After 4 Years [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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WASHINGTON – When Fairfax County’s election board in Virginia cross-referenced voter registrations with jury pools, they discovered more than 200 people registered to vote who had also declined to serve on a jury because of their non-citizen status.

Watchdog.org’s Virginia Bureau Chief Kenric Ward revealed on WMAL Radio in Washington, D.C. Thursday afternoon that after 4 years, the investigation into the alleged voter fraud has gone nowhere.

“The Eric Holder Justice department has told election officials around the country to be very careful about doing anything that would smack of voter suppression. What we have here is voter suppression because you have people who are voting and canceling out other people’s votes. They shouldnt be on the voting rolls at all but they are voting and the prosecutor is letting them do it,” Ward told WMAL.

“This is happening big time in Fairfax,” said the Virginia-based journalist.

The more than 200 non-citizen names on voter rolls were given to Commonwealth Attorney Raymond Morrogh, a Democratic attorney in Fairfax County, four years ago.

“There is just no impetus or motivation to do anything. These cases remain stuck,” the Watchdog.org bureau chief said.

Ward believes the situation was best described by True the Vote’s president Catherine Engelbrecht who told him, “This is the Obama administration’s open borders policy to voter registration.”

He has contacted the Commonwealth attorney but the “prosecutor is totally in the bunker. Hasn’t returned any of our calls or emails.”

“And they haven’t responded to the election board either but the election board has made four requests to have this all looked into,” he said.

A Fairfax County woman named Linda, a poll watcher who has been taking counts for election machines since 1988, called WMAL Radio after Ward’s interview to say she had seen clean polls until 2008.

She noted that she “saw a huge difference [in 2008]… there were people coming in to vote who couldn’t speak a word of English, couldn’t read a word of English and had someone with them telling them how to vote and who to vote for.”

“I never had anything that I had to complain about but then in 2008, there was a guy named Jose Garcias in the Glen Forest precinct who had already voted and someone came in claiming to be him. They wanted to vote,” the Fairfax poll worker told WMAL. “I protested to the chief election officer who basically said ‘oh well, he can vote anyway.'”

Shortly after the 2012 election, WMAL Radio’s morning-drive show in DC heard from many listeners in Northern Virginia who alleged witnessing voter fraud.

One notable example was poll watcher Dara Fox in Woodbridge, Virginia. She saw numerous voters who could not give their correct names and addresses, were not the age listed, couldn’t understand English, or were attempting to vote under a name that had already voted.

When WMAL Radio pressed the Virginia State Board of Elections Secretary Donald Palmer in 2012 about allegations of voter fraud in Northern Virginia, he said the Virginia voting system relies heavily on the local electoral boards to handle issues of voter fraud in their area.

“Investigations and election crimes on a local level are really handled for the most part by the Commonwealth attorney because that’s where election crimes are prosecuted,” Palmer told WMAL.