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Education Expert: ‘People Are Looking For A Hero To Stop Common Core’

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This week, we air the second part of an interview with the American Principles Project lawyer Jane Robbins on Common Core.

In this 15 minute video interview, she shares 10 things people may not know about Common Core, what gives her hope in this battle over nationalizing K-12 educational standards, a review of Republicans with presidential aspirations on Common Core, and what parents can do in regards to Common Core.

The Common Core standards were initially created by unelected, unaccountable experts working in trade associations, she says. When she sees parents rising up against the standards, Robbins notes, “Now, government and anonymous private entities have intruded too much into their right to control their child’s education.”

According to Robbins, part of the fundamental problem with Common Core is is that it is framed from “a workforce development model, not an education model.”

As she reviews the disappointments of governors like Florida’s Jeb Bush and Indiana’s Mike Pence on Common Core, she says, “People are looking for a hero to stop Common Core.” Politicians will see that, because their children are affected and this is not going away anytime soon. It is becoming clear that in order to gain political support, candidates like Jindal, Cruz, and Rubio are loudly criticizing Common Core.

For more information, Robbins suggests parents visit Truth in American Education to find more information and connect with state activists.

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