Some Dude Feeds Dog RAZORS Wrapped In Bacon, Dog Dies Horrible Death

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Some mean scumbag fed his neighbor’s dog bacon concealing razor blades and nails, and now Nibbles is dead.

“He died a horrible death,” the dog’s owner, James Stotts of Kentucky, told The News Enterprise. “He was a family member. We’ll miss him dearly. It was quite a blow to the entire family.”

Stotts took a piece of meat from his dog, a 14-year-old Beagle mix named Nibbles, and found a razor blade inside. After investigating the rest of his yard, he found two more pieces of bacon with razor blades and nails inside.

Robert Hamme, 60, later admitted to police he tossed the meat over the fence, The News Enterprise reports. Stotts said Hamme had complained about dogs in the neighborhood barking.

Nibbles died from intestinal blockage, Stotts told The News Enterprise, but their Spaniel escaped. He and his wife, Kathy, said they’re thankful their 3-year-old grandson did not stumble upon the lethal meat.

“We’ve been all walking around crying and looking at what could have happened,” she told The News Enterprise.

Hamme was charged with torture of a dog with serious physical injury or death and first-offense torture of a dog. If convicted of torture, he could face one to five years in prison.

Let’s hope it’s of the federal variety.

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