Be Forewarned: Calling Jim Edmonds A Huge D*ck Is A Bad Move

Al Weaver Reporter
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Next time someone takes a picture with Jim Edmonds and insults him, please take caution because Jim Edmonds will find out and break you over his leg like an ash bat.

This full-of-vigor youth idiot wearing a green Red Sox top to a Cardinals game (who does that?) saw the nine-time Gold Glove winner at Busch Stadium and figured “What the hell, I should get a picture with Jim Edmonds.”

This is what we call a bold move. Then again, there’s a reason why a bold move is titled as such…because you can be bitten right in the ass just like that.


Nice going, idiot fan. We can only hope that more idiot fans take pictures with Jim Edmonds because Jim Edmonds will come after you like Liam Neeson in Taken.

God bless you Jim Edmonds.

This is also a great excuse to post this because, you know, why the hell not.

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