CNN: Abysmal New Obama Poll ‘Very Ominous Sign For Democrats’

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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A CNN panel explained that a new NBC/Wall Street Journal questionnaire showing President Obama’s persistently-low polling is “a very ominous sign for Democrats” running in midterm elections this November.

CNN host John King laid out the numbers of the new poll — which includes an all-time low approval rating for President Obama and a record-high level of people believing America is on the “wrong track.”

“If you look at those numbers three months from a midterm election, what’s the biggest thing that just jumps out at you?” he asked Politico’s Manu Raju.

“I mean, very ominous sign for Democrats,” he replied. “You know, anytime a president’s underwater like this, his party suffers in a midterm elections. We’re looking at that probably in the House, and the chance that Republicans take control of the Senate.”

Raju added, however, that voters are not united around a particular issue like they were in 2010 with Obamacare. “We may see a pretty low-turnout election here,” he hypothesized, “which may mean there may not be that Republican wave that you’d expect them to have.”

“Voters just are not motivated, because they hate Washington,” he concluded.

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