Extra Ball Goes Onto Field, Wackiness Ensues [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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I simply can’t keep up with all of these new MLB rules. No blocking the plate, steroids are banned and now decoy balls on the field?

That’s what happened during Tuesday night’s Cincinnati Reds-Cleveland Indians game when a ball flew over the bullpen catcher’s glove onto the field. The Reds handled it well, but Indians right fielder David Murphy got caught at third for the out after thinking the live ball was still on the field.

Gotta say I can dig it though. Ever since players quit hitting the stitches off the ball in the late ’90s, the game has gone down hill. This is just the wildcard the sport needs.

Ball’s on the ground? Better run home. WRONG! Routine pop fly? Yeah, maybe if you guess the right one, Jay Bruce. Let’s see you account for that in practice. It really levels the playing field. Get on it, Selig.


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