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“Hillary Clinton” Trades “Barbs” With “Stephen Colbert”

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My second-favorite thing about “Stephen Colbert” is the way he always says the opposite of what he really means. LOL! Get it? Because Republicans!

My favorite thing about “Stephen Colbert” is nothing.

Alright, roll the stupid clip.

I don’t know what’s more genuine, his “surprise” or her “laugh.” But it’s a good idea for Clinton to brag about what a jet-setter she is. So much for that teabagger meme about her being out of touch with ordinary Americans!

Hat tip to Ace, who correctly notes that this awful meeting of the “minds”:

…stands out for its combination of transparent political hackery and complete lack of any comedic ambition.

The “skit” — it’s hard to even credit it as that much — is not designed to be funny. It’s designed to be cute, charming, and likable.

If you think it was, you deserve whatever you get.