Pacman Jones Said He’s Going To Beat Ludacris Up

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Can the world ever get enough Pacman Jones? Dude’s a walking train wreck. It’s fantastic.

Apparently now he’s angry at rapper Ludacris for posting a picture of him in a neck brace.

Jones rationally responded by reposting the picture and calling Ludacris a “pussy” and saying he was going to beat him up.

Solid move by both parties. It’s probably a fake beef anyway. Ludacris hasn’t put out a good album in like eight years. Pacman needs that limelight. It’s a long way from drowning strippers in dollar bills and getting people shot at nightclubs, but it’s still something. Everybody (read: nobody) loves a good Instagram beef.

The real question is who would win in a fight? Luda’s got the posse, but I’m taking Pacman. Can’t let all that pro wrestling experience go to waste.

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