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Pope Francis To Young People: Enough With The Tweeting And The Twerping And I Don’t Even Know What

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Can you remember when being the Pope was kind of cool? Well, knock it off!


Pope Francis has urged 50,000 German altar servers not to waste time on the Internet, smartphones and television, but to spend their time on more productive activities.

“Maybe many young people waste too many hours on futile things,” the Pope said in a short speech to the altar servers – young people who help the priest during religious services – who had come to Rome on a pilgrimage…

Activities cited by the Pope as futile were: “chatting on the Internet or with smartphones, watching TV soap operas, and (using) the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but distract attention away from what is really important.”

To which the youngsters responded: “Derp! #WorstPopeEver”

Seriously, though. He’s right, of course, because he’s the Pope. People should spend less time on the Internet. It’s full of time-wasting nonsense like this:

So stop reading this right now. Right now. No, you can’t watch TV either. I dunno, read a book or take a walk or something. Do whatever you want! Just as long as you don’t enjoy it.