The Drunk Fishing Championships Needs To Become America’s Newest Sport [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Pretty sure I found America’s next pastime here: the drunken fishing championship. We’ve already got the market cornered. Wouldn’t even need to train professional athletes. I’ll just find some guys from my high school to beat everyone in the world, and they’d do it with grace.

America wasn’t allowed to participate in the contest for the BOOZ Trophy, most likely because we’d have an unfair advantage. Our 19U team could probably take on the world in drunk fishing.

So who do you think won? There’s a lot of chill dudes at the lake, but it’s definitely going to Andy. Can’t speak. Can’t cast a reel. Can’t stand up. Sounds like a champ to me. Also I didn’t know guys from Belgium were named Andy.

Here’s to you, Andy, until next year when America dominates.

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