This Video Of A Surfing Pig Is Sure To Make Your Day Better [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Alright, everybody. We did it. Pigs can surf. What a time to be alive! What more progress do we really need?

A pig surfing with a GoPro is pretty much the end for technology, right? I may never get Google Glass, but I don’t need it now. I got to witness Kama the surfing pig.

Time for the human race to go home and just chill for the next millennia. Wars? Pshh. Didn’t you hear? There’s a surfing pig. What more do you need? Flying pigs? Why even bother? What are you going to do with a flying pig? Absolutely nothing.

But a surfing pig? That’s got class written all over it. Every political talking point from now on should reference this.

“Sir, I don’t like your spending bill.”

“Really? Well here’s a flying pig. Let’s compromise.”


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