Watch Bystanders Rescue Man Trapped Between Train And Tracks [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A man stepping off a train in Australia got stuck in the gap between the car and the platform, so bystanders politely lifted and pushed the entire train off the man.

The man was exiting a train in Perth, when he failed to heed the “mind the gap” warning posted in front of him and ended up with one leg stuck between the train and the tracks, The Independent reports. After someone told the train’s driver not to move, passengers began working together to free the man.

They decided to exit and physically push the train out of the way after initial efforts to move it by stepping to one side failed, Sky News reports. The man was safely released and didn’t suffer any injuries.

Once he was free, passengers re-boarded the train and got back to business as usual.

The entire incident was caught on a security camera.


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