Daimler’s Latest Mercedes-Benz Is Bulletproof

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Mercedes-Benz is going from full-proof to bulletproof in the design for its new sedan.

The German manufacturer just announced the specs for the S 600 Guard, which is 100-percent bullet and shrapnel proof, and outfitted to fend off all your assassination attempt needs.

“Vehicles engineered to protection level VR6/VR7/VR9 provide effective protection against the threat posed by terrorist attacks,” a statement from the company reads. “Their armor is designed to resist rifle fire from military weapons, which has a velocity almost twice that of handgun bullets. They also offer resistance to splinters from hand-grenades and explosive charges.”

Daimler Mercedes-Benz S600

A layer of protective steel between the interior and exterior along with polycarbonate-coated glass absorb bullet impacts and prevent them from splintering, according to the statement.

Previous “special protection vehicles” had to be custom ordered from the automaker, and the S 600 Guard is the first such vehicle to come with the features as standard. The statement did not include a price, but the baseline S 600 starts upwards of $160,000, according to Mashable, meaning ordering the Guard off Mercedes’ website now will be a serious expense — but if you’re worried about bullets and bombs, you can’t put a price on good health.

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