AMAZING Footage: Great White Shark Attacks SharkCam [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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While shooting footage for the Discovery Channel’s annual summer “Shark Week” 2014, a team of oceanographers captured footage of Great White attacks beyond what any of them had ever seen before.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s Remote Environmental Monitoring Units (REMUS) SharkCam actually became the target of said attacks, which were captured in incredible detail on the six GoPro cameras mounted to its torpedo-shaped, autonomous-driven body, which uses advanced sensors to triangulate the position of tagged sharks and follow them.


REMUS SharkCam: The hunter and the hunted from Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. on Vimeo.

The footage, shot off the coast of Guadalupe Island, was only the second time senior engineering technician Amy Kukulya tagged and tracked live sharks.

According to a Verge report, the team did not expect to capture any attacks, let alone several.

“Everyone else is just hoping for the best, like, ‘Okay I hope SharkCam gets some good footage,'” Kukulya said. “And we’re throwing this really expensive vehicle in the water and trying to learn things on the fly, and make it better on the fly.”

The SharkCam was attacked on its first time out, and on multiple occasions, resulting in some surprising damage and forcing the team to reconsider their strategy before the vehicle’s next outing.

“We had no interest in losing this vehicle the second time we put it in the water,” Kukulya said.

The footage will air Monday night on the Discovery Channel’s “Jaws Strikes Back.”

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