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Is a cat that delivers kittens an “it”? 

“Cat that bit woman in Virginia tests positive for rabies after its kittens are adopted out.” — WTOP.


“Sometimes when I don’t know what time it is, I just glance at the TV and see what cable news show is on. And then feel bad about my life.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley, BFF to The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro.

Catching AP in the act of a correction 


“But why didn’t you delete the first … oh, never mind”David Graham, editor of The Atlantic‘s Politics Channel.

Ron Fournier gets Marty’D

Marty Rudolf: “@ron_fournier How have you been? Would you say that Pres Obama will have a Lame Duck Rest of Second Term if GOP Controls US Senate in Nov?”

Ron Fournier: “Hi Marty. A POTUS is never truly irrelevant.”

Travel Bitches

“Never fails: More expensive the hotel –> more likely you have to pay for WiFi” — Shira Center, Roll Call politics editor.

Mother Jones engagement editor will defend his tweets to the death 

“You may think this twitter account is ‘unhinged’ but it is very hinged. I will defend everything I’ve ever tweeted on television. SEND A CAR.” — Ben Dreyfuss, son of you-know-who.

The Observer

“This is probably a good time to revisit one of my fave hobbyhorses: the ‘nothing happens in August’ is the opposite of true.” — NYT‘s Jonathan Martin.

D.C. journo on vacation (who can’t vacation without tweeting) 

“♫I wish I was a little bit taller/I wish I were a baller/I wish I could stay off Twitter on vacation/♫” — CapitalNY‘s Jeremy Barr.

The Editor 

“I really wish journalists/opinion mongers were banned from using the phrase ‘boots on the ground.'” — Joe Heim, editor at WaPo Magazine.

The ordeal of changing your passwords 

“yesterday: MUST CHANGE ALL PASSWORDS. today: CAN REMEMBER ZERO NEW PASSWORDS NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.” — Jen Doll, contributor to MentalFloss.


HOW POETIC: “DC’s signature phallic symbol.” — TalkingPointsMemo’s Sahil Kapur.