Professor Warns That Climate Change Will Now Destroy Us All With Tornadoes

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A geography professor at Florida State University has co-authored a new study claiming to show that climate change is likely causing more severe tornadoes in the United States even though there are far fewer actual tornadoes.

The professor, James Elsner, published his findings earlier this week in the journal Climate Dynamics.

“The risk of big tornado days featuring densely concentrated tornado outbreaks is on the rise,” explains the abstract of the findings.

Elsner admits that his research shows that tornadoes have formed on fewer days in recent years across America’s tornado-prone plain, according to Insurance Journal.

In 1971, for example, data shows that tornadoes occurred on 187 different days. In 2013, only 79 days saw tornadoes in the United States.

Nevertheless, the Florida State professor insists that when the violently rotating columns of air do form, they are now forming with greater intensity and density. In the days before the calamity of climate change two tornadoes would form, Elsner says. Now three and perhaps even four are materializing.

“We may be less threatened by tornadoes on a day-to-day basis, but when they do come, they come like there’s no tomorrow,” Elsner told Insurance Journal.

“I think it’s important for forecasters and the public to know this,” the professor at the notorious party school added. “It’s a matter of making sure the public is aware that if there is a higher risk of a storm, there may actually be multiple storms in a day.”

Elsner’s new research on the relationship between climate change and tornadoes comes after he has spent considerable time studying the relationship between climate change and hurricanes.

According to the website Collective IP, Elsner has studied hurricanes and climate change extensively. Past topics include “sensitivity of extreme hurricane winds to climate change” and a “summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change.”

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, environmental groups and President Barack Obama’s administration pushed the notion that “extreme weather” events were evidence that global warming was happening and getting worse. However, the last two years have seen a “hurricane drought.” Last year saw the lowest number of hurricanes since 1982, according to government storm data. (RELATED: Number Of Hurricanes Reaches 30-Year Low)

In May of this year, Obama took time in a speech at a California Wal-Mart to bash “climate deniers” for obstructing him by debating the science behind man-made global warming. (RELATED: Obama Attacks ‘Climate Deniers’ For Wasting Time Debating ‘Fact’)

This week, Hawaii is under threat from Hurricanes Iselle and Julio. Areas on the coasts of the island state are hunkering down for heavy rain and possible flash flooding.

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