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Authors: Obama’s DOJ Puts Nixon To Shame

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Using the word “brazen” to describe what they have uncovered, the two authors of the first investigative book of Obama’s Justice Department say that what is happening under his watch is unprecedented.

Political journalist John Fund says, “If Richard Nixon had had the chutzpah to engage in comprehensive cover-ups the way this administration has, if Richard Nixon had stared down Congress the way this administration has, if Richard Nixon had refused to turn over evidence… obviously, Richard Nixon would have served two full terms.

“It is the brazenness by which this administration has acted which I think will be a blueprint for future administrations. Because they have outdone the Clinton administration in stonewalling — and that is saying a lot.”

Disputing the notion that the book is partisan, the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky and Fund, authors of “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department,” use three Democrat attorney generals who didn’t politicize the rule of law to contrast with Obama’s current attorney general Eric Holder. “Benjamin Civiletti, Griffin Bell, even Janet Reno, who appointed many special prosecutors to investigate Bill Clinton scandals, they conducted their job in a reasonable fashion. This administration has not,” Fund stated.

Discussing a statement made by an Obama appointee during a meeting with lawyers on a Missouri election case, Fund says, “They [the Holder Justice Department] have effectively said, we are going to ignore laws that we don’t like, and we’re going to support laws that we do like purely on the basis of partisan considerations.”

“This administration always wants to expand the boundaries of government control and government power over its citizens. The problem is, if we don’t revert to an old style Justice Department that is interested in the fair and honest application of the laws, there will be other presidents who will look at this as a precedent.”

“We will no longer be an America bound by the rule of law, but bound by the rule of men. That will be a time when we will have lost America as we know it.”

In this exclusive Daily Caller interview, they survey a wide array of alleged politicized prosecutions that have resulted in the rewarding of Obama’s political allies, while promoting their political positions and punishing dissenters.

The cases the authors review include the failure to prosecute the IRS scandal and voter fraud cases, the erosion of states’ ability to protect their citizens on border enforcement matters, questionable First Amendment cases that have resulted in the tamping down of dissent, cases that undermine American national security to support left-wing ideological positions, harassment of civil servants who do not agree with the political positions of the Obama administration, and the promotion of radical social policies through litigation.

In a historic and divisive vote for House Democrats in 2012, the House of Representatives voted 255 to 67 (109 abstained from voting), with 17 Democrats joining the majority of Republicans, to hold Eric Holder in contempt — arguably the first time any cabinet secretary had been shamed in such a manner.

Asked to cite victims of this controversial use of power, the authors cited the harassment of Tennessee’s Gibson Guitar to the benefit of radical environmentalist groups, the voters harassed in Philadelphia in 2008 by Black Panthers, and the trials of Catherine Engelbrecht, the patriotic leader of True the Vote in Houston, TX.

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