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Fox News Host Chris Wallace: NBC Treatment Of David Gregory Is Unseemly

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Talk about rude. First they brought in a psychological consultant to find out what the hell is wrong with him. And now NBC is floating rumors of removing “Meet the Press” host David Gregory from the program. But are they seriously keeping him in the dark as to what’s happening? Back in April, a network exec came out in full support of Gregory. But with ratings in the toilet, news of a possibly permanent change came today via Politico Playbook, the pipeline everyone in Washington (and Katie Couric) reads.

On the bright side, Gregory’s probably not fretting too much about parking spots in his posh neighborhood.

Still it’s all so iffy, with no one formally saying anything. This is what “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace finds hideous. He said as much on “Media Buzz” with Howard Kurtz.

KURTZ: You were the moderator a couple decades ago of “Meet the Press.” There’s a new round of rumors about David Gregory perhaps on his way out after the mid-terms. Not so aggressively denied by NBC. How do you think Gregory’s doing, and how do you think NBC is treating him?

WALLACE: I don’t have much of a view of the first, because frankly I don’t have time to watch him. I have a very strong view of the second, which is I think it’s lousy. You know, we all are in this business. We all understand we don’t have a right to these jobs. It’s a tremendous privilege. On the other hand, I think we do have a right to be treated properly and not shabbily. And if you’re going to get rid of David Gregory, and I don’t know that they are —

KURTZ: I don’t know either.

WALLACE: I don’t have inside information. Then they ought to just do it. But this kind of, you know.

KURTZ: Twisting in the wind.

WALLACE: Twisting in the wind. Exactly. To use a cliche. It’s unseemly. And I think they either ought to say he’s our guy, we’re sticking by him, or they ought to get rid of him, but they shouldn’t put him in this limbo.