Take A Peek Inside Porsche’s Super-Secret Warehouse Of Cars That Never Were

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor

German automaker Porsche will celebrate 60 years of prototypes in September by displaying models that never made it to production at its Stuttgart museum, and while visitors will be treated to a few, Car Magazine’s Chris Chilton recently got to dig through a secret company warehouse full of cars that never were.

“What the guide to this super-slick museum won’t tell you is that a few streets away there’s a shabby looking warehouse and inside are 300 more cars — some of them so secret, even Porsche’s parent company Volkswagen doesn’t know about them,” Chilton said.

Interesting bits include an early four-seat 911, a sedan 996 (an early Panamera concept) a 90s Porsche-designed high-performance Audi and an early Boxter mule hidden underneath the shell of a 964 Turbo Targa.

“Inside it’s like an Aladdin’s cave for Porsche fans,” Chilton said.


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