Islamic State Users Reminisce About Robin Williams On Twitter

Seth Richardson Contributor
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If there are two things ISIL loves, it’s jihad and “Jumanji.”

Twitter user @Mujahid4Life proved as much when he said he was upset with the news of Robin Williams’ death. The Daily Mail compiled the tweets.

Ibn Fulaan agreed and remembered the days before he supported a murderous band of sociopaths when all he had to look forward to was some solid Williams comedy.

And @Mujahid4Life really wants people to quit bugging him about it. After all, being part of a ruthless terrorist organization hell-bent on cleansing Iraq and Syria of anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah (especially those who don’t believe in Allah the right way) doesn’t preclude him from enjoying a good Robin Williams flick.

The same rings true for Omar Shishani. Just because he wants to violently murder nonbelievers doesn’t mean “Patch Adams” isn’t at the top of his list.

Yeah, give the guy a break. It’s not like these guys are saying Williams is going to burn in hell for eternity or anything.

Well, okay. Maybe just a little bit of burning. But at least he got a catch phrase out of it.

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