Lyft Accuses Uber Of Interfering With Drivers

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Ride-sharing company Lyft has released data that it claims shows that employees of competitor Uber have ordered and then cancelled over 5,000 Lyft rides.

By cross-referencing the numbers of Uber recruiters and numbers connected to Lyft accounts, Lyft uncovered a total of 5,560 rides cancelled out of alleged competitive maliciousness, CNN reports. The ride calls and cancellations serve to keep drivers occupied and unavailable for real customers, potentially pushing customers toward Uber instead.

“It’s unfortunate for affected community members that they have used these tactics, as it wastes a driver’s time and impacts the next passenger waiting for that driver,” Lyft spokeswoman Erin Simpson said.

Uber was accused of using these same tactics earlier this year against Gett, another competitor.

Several Uber recruiters have also made multiple accounts under the same phone number, including one with 21 accounts responsible for 1,524 cancelled rides. However, CNN also noted that there is no evidence to suggest that Uber’s corporate office has any involvement in these practices.

Lyft has also received complaints from drivers that Uber recruiters have called them for short, low-profit trips for the purpose of lure them to work for Uber.

However, in a statement to Ars Technica, Uber denied the claims, but noted a program that provides incentives in the form of Uber credits for passengers to convince drivers in other services to work for Uber instead.

“The claims are patently false. Both riders and drivers help recruit new drivers to the Uber platform, where the economic opportunity is unmatched in the industry,” the statement said.

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