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Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s corny conversation is between ABC’s Jonathan Karl and The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg

KARL: The WH confirms: the Obamas & Clintons will party together tomorrow night at Vernon Jordan’s place on Martha’s Vineyard. cc @JeffreyGoldberg.

GOLDBERG: I’m bringing the Funyuns. Will you get a six-pack of Bud Light?

KARL: Absolutely — although I was thinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Travel Bitches 

“Passengers on my @virginamerica flight are clapping in time to the beat of the music/safety video.” — Anneke Green, White House Writers Group.

The Media Observer 

“The White House press corp doesn’t mind just taking notes. #NoQuestions #NoComplaintsHeard” — Richard Grenell.


Journo refuses to be afraid 

“I’m not afraid of where I live. Even if I’m the victim of crime, I won’t be afraid of where I live.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau, referencing the Sketch Factor app.


“Watching Michael Brown’s parents on TV somehow makes me feel more depressed than I was earlier.” — Mediaite‘s Josh Feldman. The unarmed Brown was fatally shot by a cop in Ferguson, Mo. over the weekend.


“The way NBC is treating David Gregory is horrible, disrespectful, and incredibly appropriate.” — David Burge, Iowahawk blog.

Jonah Goldberg on why he hopes Chuck Todd gets “Meet The Press” job

“I’ve certainly had my disagreements with him. But I remain a fan. He’s a true student of politics and he sincerely tries to call ‘em like he sees him. As anyone who has followed my twitter feed probably knows, I am not a fan of David Gregory’s work at Meet the Press. He has no love for politics and always seems to be looking longingly at the Today Show desk.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg. Read the entire post here. And full disclosure–he says his wife used to work with Todd.

Seth Meyers beer watch 

“I think Seth Meyers is the first celeb to actually drink a beer during #BuzzFeedBrews” — Jessica Misener, senior editor, BuzzFeed.

The Q-less Presser 

“Reporter asks Obama if he has message for Maliki. He doesn’t answer, which is the message: You’re done, we’re for the other guy now.” — NYT‘s Peter Baker.

Robin Williams commits suicide 

CONFESSIONAL. “Depression is a disease. Just like Cancer. Alcoholism. Or any physical condition that robs us of life, energy, and hope. …Be kind to people. I see so much pettiness and hate. So cold. So mean. And some wear it as a badge. It is not. …We live in a disposable ‘Dixie-Cup’ culture. People feel left out and unloved. We need each other. We die without connection. You wonder why I tweet as I do. Write as I do. Call out as I do? It’s to protect the vulnerable. The voiceless. The broken. …Churches and church leaders please STOP telling depressed people to “pray” it out. No, it requires professional help. …We mock & deride people who are hurt. Attempt suicide. We call them weak. No. They are wounded there is a big difference. Take this deeply personal because I am just emerging from a season of dark depression. Shocked? Sure. I hid it well.” — Sophia Nelson, author of  The Woman Code.

“Depression is a motherfucker. RIP Robin Williams. Everyone else, there’s no shame at all in attending to your mental health.” — The Guardian‘s Spencer Ackerman.

“I won’t pretend to be Williams’ biggest fan, though I enjoyed him tremendously. I still ache that it was suicide. Depression is a monster.” — Ellen Carmichael, GOP consultant, former spokeswoman to Herman Cain.

“Have watched this about 500 times, but never hit me as hard as tonight.” — Jon Favreau. Watch here.

“Robin Williams’ poor kids. What an awful thing for them.” — Politico‘s Maggie Haberman.

“Just gonna say it, Obama’s condolences for Robin Williams are better than anything I could have written.” — Washington Examiner‘s Ashe Schow.


RIP Robin Williams: “I was handling this more or less okay until I saw this picture.” — Vox Media‘s Ezra Klein.