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Obama On Congressional Criticism Of His Syria Policy: “Horse$#!+”

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Comity and civility are very important in politics. Except, of course, when people make you angry by disagreeing with you.

Josh Rogin, Daily Beast:

Just before the congressional recess, President Obama invited over a dozen Senate and House leaders from both parties to the White House to talk about foreign policy. According to two lawmakers inside the meeting, Obama became visibly agitated when confronted by bipartisan criticism of the White House’s policy of slow-rolling moderate Syrian rebels’ repeated requests for arms to fight the Assad regime and ISIS.

According to one of the lawmakers, Sen. Bob Corker asked the president a long question that included sharp criticisms of President Obama’s handling of a number of foreign policy issues—including Syria, ISIS, Russia, and Ukraine. Obama answered Corker at length. Then, the president defended his administration’s actions on Syria, saying that the notion that many have put forth regarding arming the rebels earlier would have led to better outcomes in Syria was “horseshit.”

It’s bad enough that Bob Corker is a Republican. From Tennessee. Then he has to go and criticize the President of the United States on a foreign policy issue? He’s lucky to get off with a “horseshit.”

It’s good that Obama is treating his opponents like this, and the way he’s treated them for the past five years, because he’s a Democrat. Losing his temper and swearing at people for questioning his infallibility is awesome, because they’re scum anyway.

Bipartisanship is all well and good until the other guy doesn’t fall in line.

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Jim Treacher