Obama’s EPA Chief Wants To Indoctrinate Public School Kids About Climate Change

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Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy believes that American public schools should instruct all children that human-caused global warming is devastating the earth.

Obama’s environment boss chose to trumpet her opinion about taxpayer-funded school curricula in an obscure magazine called Irish America. McCarthy, who has an Irish heritage, graces the cover of the August/September 2014 issue.

In response to the question “Do you think that Climate Change [sic] should be part of the educational system?” McCarthy firmly answered, “Very much so.”

McCarthy then explained that it’s vital to train youngsters early and earnestly about the doctrines of global warming that are currently in vogue.

“I think part of the challenge of explaining climate change is that it requires a level of science and a level of forward thinking and you’ve got to teach that to kids,” she told Irish America.

The career bureaucrat, who got her undergraduate degree in social anthropology, then explained her belief that officials at taxpayer-funded schools should also install solar panels on the roofs and invite kids up.

“People didn’t have a sense of how dramatic climate change really is, and what it means for all of us. So that’s been a challenge,” she explained. “But what’s great about renewables is that when you put a solar panel on the roof of a school, you change the entire dynamic of education for the students. It’s hands-on.”

If people would only “get engaged and get active, and feel like there are things we can do together” the EPA director espoused, “that’s the hump we need to cross in climate control.”

McCarthy did not elaborate on her exciting hint that human beings may soon be able to control the climate.

As National Journal notes, EPA spokesman Tom Reynolds has since reiterated that her boss is a champion of teaching global warming in public schools. He noted that she also favors instruction in math and reading.

McCarthy made the news last week when she told U.S. senators that her agency does not have the authority to fully enforce its rules limiting the emission of carbon dioxide — a thing that makes up a small part of air —from existing power plants. (RELATED: EPA Admits It Currently Can’t Fully Enforce Its CO2 Rule)

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, environmental groups and President Barack Obama’s administration pushed the notion that “extreme weather” events were evidence that global warming was happening and getting worse. However, the last two years have seen a “hurricane drought.” Last year saw the lowest number of hurricanes since 1982, according to government storm data. (RELATED: Number Of Hurricanes Reaches 30-Year Low)

In May of this year, Obama took time in a speech at a California Wal-Mart to bash “climate deniers” for obstructing him by debating the science behind man-made global warming. (RELATED: Obama Attacks ‘Climate Deniers’ For Wasting Time Debating ‘Fact’)

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