Remembering Robin Williams: His Greatest Roles

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Robin Williams, beloved actor and comedian, died Monday at his home in Tiberon, Calif., in an apparent suicide after a long battle with depression. He was 63.

Often playing the unorthodox, but fitting roles, his career spanned decades, and his humor and talent were known by all. The Daily Caller takes a look at his memorable roles.

1. “Mrs. Doubtfire” — Daniel Hillard & Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams played part father, part disguised Scottish nanny who went to great lengths to keep his family intact after a bitter divorce in the classic 1993 film, and kept up his jokes in 2013 when he compared a very pregnant Kim Kardashian to his likeness.

2. “Dead Poets Society” — John Keating

Williams captivated his students as the professor John Keating in 1989, when he came to prim and proper boarding school to teach English, reaching his students with unusual teaching methods and by allowing them to call him, “O Captain! My Captain!”

3. “Good Will Hunting” — Dr. Sean Maguire

Williams only won one Oscar, and it was for one his first serious roles, as best supporting actor in this 1997 classic. Williams was Dr. Sean Maguire, a psychiatrist who helped and befriended math genius Matt Damon.

4. “Aladdin” — The Genie

He played his natural cartoonish self as the blue-skinned magical genie in the 1992 Disney classic “Aladdin,” where he performed impression after impression.

5. “Patch Adams” — Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams

In one of his most tragically reflective roles, Williams played a mental patient turned medical student hell bent on helping people, although the esteemed medical community does not always approve of his quirky methods of therapy. After losing his girlfriend Carin, he stands cliffside, wondering why “man suffers enormous amounts of pain,” before eventually graduating from medical school.