Fournier: ‘Thin-Skinned’ Obama ‘Had To Sic His Attack Dogs’ On Hillary After Criticism [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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National Journal reporter Ron Fournier slammed a “thin-skinned” President Obama for his refusal to allow Hillary Clinton’s criticism of his foreign policy to go unpunished, expressing shock at how he “had to sic his attack dogs on her.”

Fournier appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report” along with conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer and The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes. The panel discussed Hillary Clinton’s “hug it out” mea culpa to Obama following a Sunday interview where she attacked his foreign policy doctrine — specifically the lack of one.

The National Journal reporter noted that Clinton was pressured into apologizing following a series of pointed comments made by powerful current and former officials of the Obama administration.

“Why is the President of the United States so thin-skinned that he can’t let his former secretary of state — who he owes an allegiance to — can’t let her say, ‘You know, maybe we should’ve armed the Syrian rebels?'” he asked incredulously.

“And she even said, ‘I don’t know how it would’ve turned out, but I think we should’ve done it,'” Fournier continued. “He couldn’t even let her get away with that! He had to sic his attack dogs on her, a very 1990s, old kind of politics thing to do. And this is supposed to be the man that’s above all that.”

Host Shannon Bream asked whether the president was perhaps trying to preserve his “legacy.”

“Well, let the policy rule your legacy!” Fournier retorted. “Your legacy shouldn’t be that you’re beating up on Hillary Clinton.”

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