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Hey Joan Walsh: Grow Up

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This morning Joan Walsh, Salon‘s editor-at-large and general Hardball ass kisser, felt some burning need to play public editor for Politico columnist Roger Simon. Instead of writing him privately over email to address some error she thought he made in his column, she opted to call Simon out publicly over Twitter.

How incredibly kind, caring and considerate of her.

Except it turned out she wasn’t even right, which Simon corrected her on quickly and dryly.


Let’s examine this for a moment. Two seasoned journalists. And one who feels some righteous need to publicly scold the other. And be totally wrong in the process. “I should’ve known better than to doubt you,” she wrote after he informed her of the facts.

No, Joan should’ve known better than to act like a small, petty child and call out a seasoned journalist on the likes of asinine Twitter as opposed to just writing him like an adult might do.

You’re not the editor-at-large for every publication in this town or any other. If Politico wanted you to be their editor, they’d hire you.

Grow up, Joan Walsh.