Jihadis Are Swapping Notes About Sex Slaves On Twitter

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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After Twitter user and apparent jihadi Abdullah, with the Twitter handle @Mujahid4life, mourned the death of Robin Williams Tuesday, he engaged in a casual discussion about sex slaves.

User @LawofBetsalel captured the exchange:


“Islam allows ‘slavery’,” Abdullah began. “Women can be taken as captives, men can be killed.”

When another user asks how many slaves Muslim men can have, Abdullah says “I’m not sure there’s a fixed limit. Maybe @Amreekiwitness knows.”

User @Amreekiwitness, who is dedicated to “raising awareness about the upcoming conquest of the Americas, and the benefits it has for the American people,” was happy to help out with a different question. “U don’t need to marry a slave to have physical relationship with her,” Amreekiwitness said.

Abdullah disagreed and said slaves do have rights. “Sex has to be consensual and it only applies to concubines,” he said.

And the curious user chimed back in: “whats the definition of concubines? isn’t it the same as a person you own, obvious in Islam they have rights”


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