MSNBC Host: Obama, Holder Would Be ‘Great Choices’ For The Supreme Court [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor

MSNBC host Michael Eric Dyson claimed President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would be “great choices” as justices for The Supreme Court of the United States.

Taking over for Ed Schultz on “The Ed Show” Wednesday, the Georgetown University professor broke down the two top officials’ chances of earning a lifetime chance on the bench after they leave office in 2016.

Dyson said he doesn’t think Obama would be interested in a Supreme Court appointment. “I think that, look — the man is so busy now, and he’ll be even busier when he’s out of office,” he explained. “Doing all kinds of humanitarian ventures, going across the world speaking, making a lot of cheddar, and also creating opportunities for his wife and his family as she creates opportunities for her husband and their family. And I think he’ll treasure that time together with them.”

“And plus, do you think he could actually get through the Senate, that can’t even give him the carte blanche to do a few things that everybody agrees that are necessary?” he asked. “Maybe Eric Holder . . . Nah, they probably wouldn’t let him through either.”

“But both of them would be great choices,” Dyson added, pointing his finger convincingly at the camera.

Obama is currently being sued by the House of Representatives for unconstitutionally changing vast portions of the Affordable Care Act after its passage by Congress in 2010. (RELATED: Republicans Expected To Approve Lawsuit Against Obama This Week)

Many legal analysts also claim Obama violated the constitutional separation of powers by unilaterally changing immigration and drug laws and bombing Libya without congressional authority — although these issues have yet to be litigated.

Holder was held in contempt of Congress in 2012 for withholding investigative documents, refusing to prosecute Black Panthers for threatening voters and presided over the targeting and labeling of Fox News reporter James Rosen as a “co-conspirator” to espionage. (RELATED: New Black Panther Returns To Philly Location Of Alleged 2008 Voter Intimidation)

“If you want to call me an activist attorney general, I will proudly accept that label,” Holder declared on Aug. 4 of this year. “I’d say I agree with you 1000 percent and [I am] proud of it.” (RELATED: Holder Embraces Being Called An Activist ’1000 Percent’)

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