Summer Of Love Ends For 13-Year-Old Boy And The Teacher Arrested For Banging Him

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A sixth-grade teacher in the rural northwest corner of Arkansas was arrested on Wednesday and charged with having multiple sexual encounters with a 13-year-old boy.

The teacher is 32-year-old Mary Faith McCormick, reports local CBS affiliate KFSM. She is a sixth-grade teacher at Siloam Springs Intermediate School.

Local police, who began investigating last week after receiving a few anonymous reports, say the forbidden love began on a dare. Specifically, one of the unnamed 13-year-old boy’s friends dared the kid to call McCormick. One thing led to another, and the 19 years separating McCormick and the student proved to be no physical barrier.

One of the trysts occurred after the boy and a friend took in a movie at McCormick’s residence. (It’s not clear if it was the same friend who proposed the dare.) Like a good wingman, the friend left after the flick was over. McCormick and her 13-year-old lover then allegedly had sex.

There’s also the very impressive trail of Snapchat messages, which includes nude photographs and much raunchiness.

A police investigation of McCormick’s Snapchat account uncovered a treasure trove of photos and videos related to the affair.

A 12-year-old female friend of the 13-year-old boy came across one of the Snapchat sessions when she was using the boy’s phone. Among the messages was a photo of McCormick wearing just a towel.

Another photo shows a pair of breasts that police believe belong to McCormick — but investigators say they can’t be sure.

An unidentified witness told police about a photo of McCormick — with wet hair and breasts mostly bare — and text reading. “I’m not dirty anymore,” according to the KFSM.

The CBS affiliate notes that McCormick is currently married and has a daughter. Her father is a teacher in the local school district.

The full, three-page arrest affidavit has been made publicly available by the station. You can view the pages here, here and here.

The local police — or whoever attempted to mark out certain words — failed miserably in their redaction efforts.

Highlights include the 13-year-old boy telling police that he used Snapchat to send McCormick a picture of “his ‘boner.'”

The 12-year-old girl who borrowed the phone said she recalled a message on the photo-messaging application from McCormick to the 13-year-old that read “I want to climb your cock,” or something similar.

Also, the 13-year-old boy told police that McCormick had picked him up in her car just a couple weeks ago and drove him to a plot of land “where she is building her new house.” The teen then fondly reconstructed the events that transpired by explaining that McCormick was “sucking his dick.”

McCormick faces at least one felony rape count. She was released from jail on Thursday after posting bond of $50,000.

School district officials have suspended her with pay.

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