FSU Female Rapper Is A Special Kind Of Crazy

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Wow Fellatia Geisha really loves the Seminoles. And she totally doesn’t want to bang Jameis Winston. It said so at the beginning of the song in the “Dicksclaimer.” Not even a little bit interested. Can’t you read?

The video isn’t even about him. That whole “rapin’ Jameis” line is about a totally different guy. There’s like a million guys named Jameis in Tallahassee. It’s a super common name. Just as common as Dave or Robert. But don’t worry other Jameis who stole crab legs. You don’t have to steal them. Fellatia Geisha will give you her crabs. Nothing weird there.

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In all honesty, what did I just watch? I thought the weirdest thing I’d see Friday was the Madden commercial. Nope. Fellatia Geisha coming out hot to take the crazy trophy. Step up your game EA. What you thought a dancing bear and Lady Gaga lookalike were gonna do it? Amateurs. Get on Fellatia Geisha’s level.

How long before this is the walkout music for the Seminoles? I give it two or three days tops. Gotta ride that Iggy Azalea knockoff train while it’s in the station.

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