There Aren’t Enough Drugs In The World To Make Sense Of The Madden 15 Commercial

Seth Richardson Contributor
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The Madden 15 commercial launched Friday and no one on planet Earth has done enough drugs to make sense of this thing. It’s more modern art than advertising at all. In 1000 years, our ancestors will look at this short three-and-a-half minute clip and it will tell them all they need to know about us.

Seriously, what the hell is this? Kevin Hart and Dave Franco? A strange song with an unidentifiable genre? This bear?

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All of it is just plain crazy, and it’s exactly what I love. I can’t get enough news of football coming back. It’s my religion (no coincidence it’s played on Sunday). I’ll take any bit of news. Madden coming out? Stoked. Preseason games? Pumped. Ed Hochuli logged into Facebook? Better be a top story on ESPN.

Everyone else can have their Premier League or whatever half-sport they want. Football’s coming and it’s going to be unstoppable. It’s the Batman of sports and everyone else is that Wonder Twin who turns into water. Let’s get some.

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