Ukraine Says It Fired On Russian Forces Trying To Sneak Across Border

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Ukraine announced Friday it destroyed part of a Russian convoy crossing its border Thursday night, and said Russia has been firing on Ukraine’s troops from Russian territory.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian military said in a press briefing “appropriate actions were undertaken” to deal with the military column and “a part of it no longer exists,” The Telegraph reports. Ukraine’s president told British Prime Minister David Cameron a “significant” part of the column had been destroyed.

NATO confirmed Russians had moved into Ukraine, but stopped short of calling it an invasion.

Russia called Ukraine’s report “some kind of fantasy,” and denied its forces had crossed the border, according to The Telegraph. “There was no Russian military column that crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border either at night or during the day,” said Russian officials.

Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of arming and otherwise supporting the pro-Russian rebels currently occupying parts of eastern Ukraine.

The U.N. called for an immediate de-escalation, but did not confirm or deny Ukraine’s report. 

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