HAPPY RUM DAY: TheDC Invented A Cocktail And It’s Pretty Damn Good

Christopher Bedford Former Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation
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Saturday is National Rum Day. And in celebration, Captain Morgan sent us one of the sweetest care packages we’ve ever seen. I’m talking Twizzlers, pistachios, Pringles, BBQ sauce, Sriracha, Hershey chocolate, salsa, bacon and a bottle of Captain Morgan’s new white rum.

The challenge? Make up a cocktail using at least two of those unusual ingredients and, at most, 1.5 oz. of the rum. The result? Deliciousness.

The ingredients I elected to use were the pistachios, Pringles and chocolate. In addition to those things, to make this at home you’ll need orange bitters, chocolate bitters, salt, honey, cinnamon, sugar, an egg and, well, some rum.

Photography at Bourbon by Grae Stafford.

Photography at Bourbon by Grae Stafford.

And we invented our cocktail at Glover Park’s Bourbon — a fantastic bar where Lucas and Rachel tolerated me behind their busy bar and lent a very helpful hand.

Step 1) Make the cinnamon honey syrup
Step 2) Make the rim
Step 3) Prepare the glass
Step 4) Prepare the cocktail
Step 5) Enjoy.

1) Make the cinnamon honey syrup
2 quarts simple syrup (1:1)
1/2 quart water
1/2 quart honey
10-12 medium cinnamon sticks

Simmer 5-10 minutes, but do not bring to boil.

Chill in the refrigerator before you use this.

2) Make the rim
4 parts Pringles
4 parts pistachios
4 parts Hershey Chocolate
1 part table salt

Captain's cookie 1e

Ground all of these ingredients down dramatically. With the chocolate bar, it helps to chill it first, then break it up by hand, then muddle it, then break it by hand again. Mix these ingredients together to make the rim.

3) Prepare the glass
Use a martini glass

Rim the glass with the cinnamon honey syrup

Captain's cookie 1b

Rim the glass with the mix

Captain's cookie 1f

4) Prepare the cocktail
1.5 oz. Captain Morgan’s White Rum

Captain's cookie 6

1 egg white

Captain's cookie 5
3/4 oz. cinnamon honey syrup

Captain's cookie 13
2 dashes Bitter Truth Xocolate Mole bitters
1 dash Bitter Truth Orange bitters

Captain's cookie 12

Shake hard for one minute.

Captain's cookie 15

Add ice.

Captain's cookie 16

Shake to chill.


Captain's cookie 17

5) Enjoy

Now, this invention is a little sweeter than what I usually drink, but it’s still refreshing, and after about a dozen of them, I was feeling great. You could drink it as a dessert, but it also works just as well before dinner.

Captain's cookie 19
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