Injustice: Mr. T Cut From Jury Duty

Scott Greer Contributor
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In what might go down as a great miscarriage of justice, the famous actor Mr. T was cut from jury duty after answering the call to do his civic service.

On Friday, the “A-Team” star was summoned to a suburban Chicago court house for jury selection and quickly became the center of attention. One of the state’s attorneys trying the case seemed more focused on the mohawked actor than the actual selection process.

The attorney remarked that his Mr. T lunchbox made him the “coolest kid in school” and even took a picture with the man himself, according to a Chicago Tribune report. Somehow, this still didn’t get the “Rocky III” foe a spot on the jury.

T remarked that he would have to forego lunch if he was selected in order to ensure he was “mean on the criminal.”

“I pity the criminal today,” T said in a riff off his famous “I pity the fool” phrase, according to the Daily Herald in Arlington Heights, Ill.

He even declared that the thought of “playing hooky” never crossed his mind when he was called to do his civic duty.

“That’s not my style,” T stated. “I’ve got to set an example. I understand my responsibility. I told the judge: I’ll do my best to never let you down.”

In spite of appearing to be the model juror and a state attorney sharing a love of his work, T was denied the opportunity to serve justice for his local community.

No word yet on why this occurred, but a possible reason could be he didn’t show up to the Rolling Meadows court house with his trademark gold chains.

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