Hardened Ferguson Riot Correspondent Mistakes Earplugs For Rubber Bullets

Scott Greer Contributor
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One of the journalists arrested at a McDonald’s earlier this week in Ferguson, Mo. mistook earplugs for rubber bullets, and tweeted an image of the noise guards from the riot torn town early Sunday.

Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly asked his Twitter followers — many of whom followed him after he gained notoriety for his Wednesday night arrest — to confirm his belief that the earplugs were really rubber bullets possibly fired at demonstrators. (RELATED: Getting Arrested Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To These Reporters’ Twitter Accounts)


Several users corrected Reilly’s mistake and confirmed that they were, in fact, ear plugs.



After realizing his mistake, Reilly issued a retraction of his earlier tweet:

But that didn’t stop some from questioning his ability to cover a story like the Ferguson riots:


Police in Ferguson did use rubber bullets to disperse protesters earlier this week.

Previously, Reilly had an emotional outpouring Thursday on HuffPo Live recounting his McDonald’s arrest. (RELATED: Crying Huffington Post Reporter Is A Disgrace To Journalism)

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