Gutfeld: Media’s ‘Lopsided’ Ferguson Frenzy ‘Expanding The Suffering’ In Missouri [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld tore into the American media’s “lopsided” coverage of the police shooting of Michael Brown and days of riots in Ferguson, Missouri, accusing them of “expanding the suffering” by trying to fit the story into a predetermined racial narrative.

“The Five” host compared the media’s extensive coverage of the killing of Michael Brown and its aftermath to the dozens of African-American youths killed each week in Chicago.

“Why doesn’t the media approach this chaos with the same fervor as they do with Ferguson?” Gutfeld asked. “Repetitive violence doesn’t excite because it’s not crystallized into one stark act. It doesn’t produce the imagery, that Pulitzer protein that builds portfolios and careers.”

“We’ve been down this road before because the road never changes,” he continued. “Ferguson, Trayvon and even Newtown: these are media musts, for they fit a greater storyline, one that often emits facts that don’t fit. The media believes that these stories carry a bigger social impact — unlike the horrors that kill more innocents daily.”

“And so their lopsided coverage is actually self-fulfilling, making the story bigger and expanding the suffering,” Gutfeld explained. “Politicians retreat in response to the media’s gaze, acting out of concern for the worldview, but not for the shopkeeper. That’s why you have riots, and no riot police.”

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