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Journo Who Lives In Fear Of Beheading Bashes Beheaded Journo

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In a speech last month to students at the Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit, GotNews founder and political activist Charles C. Johnson revealed that he does not vote because he has been threatened with decapitation. “I’ve had a number of death threats against me,” he told the young, eager minds. “Saying that people would literally cut my head off. Like literally.”

In a complete twist of utter irony, he is condemning beheaded journalist James Foley for being, in his view, a coward. ISIS has claimed responsibility for Foley’s death. News of his brutally violent death emerged Tuesday afternoon in the form of a video that has yet to be authenticated. Foley, 40, was kidnapped in Syria about two years ago. He was a freelance journalist working for Agence France-Presse and GlobalPost.

By Tuesday night, Johnson was on full tilt, trashing Foley and gaining new online enemies by the boatload.

In the video of his death, Foley said the following: “I call on my friends, family and loved ones to rise up against my real killers – the U.S. government –  for what will happen to me is only a result of their complacent criminality.”

Johnson firmly believes Foley should have condemned ISIS to the abominable end.

Here’s a sampling of his thoughts that are upsetting people (to put it mildly):

1. “I’ve gotten death threats. Some things are worth dying for. It’s not like ISIS wouldn’t have cut his head off.”

2. “They are going to cut your head off anyways. Spit in their face.”

3. “Given how James Foley blamed U.S. before beheading I greatly admire Daniel Pearl who told his jihadi killers that he was a Jew & proud.”

4. “A teenage Yazidi girl told US to bomb her prison to save her honor & James Foley condemned US before death. I know who I respect. Do you?”

5. “I have plenty of respect for the dead. I don’t have respect for people who condemn America. Period. Why do you?”

6. “I would never condemn my family, my God, or my country.”

7. “He had a choice of what he would say. He chose poorly. I’m sorry for his family but he made the wrong choice.”

8. “Real courage is not denying your God, your country, or your family when presented with death. Pray that we are never put in that situation.”

9. “I love the lack of courage from some of my critics. Someone puts a knife to your throat and you sell out everyone and everybody to live?”

None of that went over terribly well.

Johnson soon faced a firing squad of insults, some of which questioned his mental health.

“I’m making observations after having followed you for some time,” retired infantry captain Ezra Cole wrote him. “I’m serious, you should seek help.” Cole soon urged him again to seek help: “U need help Chuck. Professional help. Please get it soon before you hurt yourself.”

Another follower brought up his autism:  “Chuck, not being hostile here, but I remember you tweeting that you are autistic? Correct me if I’m wrong. Again no hostility.”

But hostility wasn’t far off.

Adam Goldstein: “Were you to be tortured by terrorists, I would hope political bloggers wouldn’t kick dirt while your body was warm.” Johnson: “Kick away. I’ll be in heaven then.”

Gawker‘s Adam Weinstein: “Way to make the murder of a real journalist doing dangerous work all about you, chuck.”

RussianNavyBlog: “Drink Drano, motherfucker.”

PaleBirdy: “Chuck, I weigh 112 pounds and I’m 100% positive I’d have you diapered and crying for your mommy in twenty minutes.”

Fantasource: “Go fuck yourself.”

Commentary‘s John Podhoretz declared, “Charles Johnson is a disgusting monster and no one should ever give him a nickel again. You unimaginable filth.”

But in true Charles C. Johnson form, he refused to back down.

He replied to Podhoretz, saying, “And you are a type writer coward who lies people into wars that you won’t go and fight. The feeling of disgust is mutual.”

Editor’s note: Johnson previously contributed articles for The Daily Caller.