Michael Brown Protesters Show Up At CNN’s Atlanta Headquarters

Chuck Ross | Reporter

Hundreds of protesters gathered in the rain outside of CNN headquarters in Atlanta Monday to voice their outrage over the network’s coverage of the Michael Brown shooting.

According to CNN contributor Hilary Rosen, the angry crowd was frustrated over the network’s “smearing” of Brown, who was fatally shot by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson on August 9.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, protesters gathered at the network’s headquarters, the CNN Center, located in Atlanta.

With chants of “no justice, no peace,” the protesters marched a mile to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

It is unclear why the protesters showed up to CNN headquarters. The demonstration was organized using the Twitter hashtag #ItsBiggerThanYou.


The network drew some criticism, including from Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump, after it aired a radio interview with a woman who called herself “Josie,” who claimed to be a friend of Wilson. Crump maintained in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that Josie’s claims were “hearsay.”

But CNN reported Josie’s version of events after verifying with law enforcement that it matched what Wilson has said happened.

She said that Brown attacked Wilson after the officer attempted to question them concerning a reported strong-arm robbery.

Josie said that Wilson claims Brown tried to grab the officer’s gun. After Brown fled, Wilson followed protocol by pursuing. He yelled “freeze,” but Brown turned around and taunted him, Josie said. Then, Brown “bum rushed” Wilson before he fired the fatal shots, Josie said. (RELATED: Darren Wilson’s Version Of Events)

Brown’s family, their attorneys, and protesters believe that Brown was surrendering when Wilson shot him.

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