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Understatement of the evening: “Tear gas sucks.” — HuffPost‘s Ryan J. Reilly.

Question of the night at 12:58 a.m.: “Why am I still watching this?” — The Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams.

CNN’s Tapper gets the dangers of the job 

“I was a police reporter. I don’t need a lesson. It can be a dangerous job.” — CNN’s Jake Tapper in reaction to a follower, Kim Van Nguyen, who wrote, “Hope #CaptJohnson schools @jaketapper tomorrow on the hazards of being a cop. @cnn.” Van Nguyen describes herself as a “boy band aficionado.” Sigh. Kim, my unsolicited advice for you: Shhh.

On a side note: Out of hundreds of reporters and news teams in Ferguson, Captain Ron Johnson publicly offered Tapper and Don Lemon a private ride along on live TV so they can see what he does.

Is WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery gaining some self-awareness? 

The Weekly Standard‘s Jim Swift: “@WesleyLowery Continue to stay safe out there.”

WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery: “Would say ‘I’ll try.’ But someone will quote that to somehow mean that I think this is all about me.”

And now for some really GREAT advice

“What the is the point of national, outlets sending journalists if they are going to just obey police orders? You have lawyers on retainer!” — Washington Monthly contributor Sam Knight.

Finally at 1:25 a.m.

. @Msnbc coverage ( @lawrence) and ( @chrislhayes ) is good now. Conveying info and analyzing the facts, yes, w a POV but not senselessly. — The Atlantic and The Week’s Marc Ambinder.

PROMOTIONAL: “For any media critics, professional or otherwise, who’ve questioned the relevance of CNN, I direct you to @CNNTonight and @jaketapper” — Katie Hinman, supervising producer, The Lead, CNN.

If you’re a journo and you get arrested in Ferguson there’s an 800-number to call

Journalists in #Ferguson: If you get arrested or are in trouble, call @RCFP‘s hotline for press freedom legal assistance. (800) 336-4243. — Trevor Timm, exec director, FreedomOfPress, columnist, the Guardian.

Is HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins considering blocking himself? 

“August is a great month for blocking filth from yr tweet stream and 2014 is a bumper crop.” — Linkins.

Important Q to Ponder: “What would it mean if it’s proven 100% that Michael Brown attacked the cop, tried to steal his gun, & charged at him when told to Freeze?” — Former Rep. Joe Walsh, now a radio host.

“What’s insane about not arresting the cop is that even if you do there’s almost no chance he’s getting convicted of shit.” — First Look Media‘s Alex Pareene.

Vox Explainer? 

“Cops seem determined to press this until someone gets killed or they get the huge riot they’ve been itching for.” — Vox Media‘s Matthew Yglesias.

The Media Observers

“It probably kind of sucks to be that reporter named Chris Hayes who is not Chris Hayes Chris Hayes.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

“Side note: either Hayes is really, really tall, or that man he’s interviewing right now is tiny.” — Former Rep. Joe Walsh.

The Observer

“Peaceful marches, followed by the militarized escalation. I fear that if Ferguson keeps enduring this nightly, America will get used to it.” — Jamil Smith, segment producer for the Melissa Harris Perry show. And this: “A @cnni anchor suggested ‘water cannons’ as a tear gas alternative in Ferguson. I get that she meant well, but no.”


“I haven’t watched any coverage of #Ferguson tonight and it was awesome. You should try it. #Caring” — Townhall columnist and radio host Derek Hunter.


FASCINATING: “All this technology is making us antisocial.”– ClassicPics.