NFL’s Awkward E-mail Headline Regarding Manziel’s Finger Incident

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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Following Browns QB Johnny Manziel’s incident in which he flipped off the Washington Redskins bench, NFL’s 1st and 10 e-mail had an awkward headline:

Maybe it was poorly chosen words, or maybe NFL has a sexually charged sense of humor.

After Manziel flipped the bird to the Redskins bench, Browns communications coordinator Rob McBurnett had a little chat with Manziel, leading to this priceless reaction:

Steve Berman, known as Bay Area Sports Guy, had an idea as to what McBurnett was saying to Manziel.

“Hey, uh, Johnny? It’s bad enough you’ve been filmed rolling up bills in public restrooms and summoning your inner Billy Madison with inflatable swans,” Berman wrote. “But the NFL is letting a group of seventh grade boys put together the ‘1st-and-10’ newsletter tonight, and the only way you could’ve given them more ammunition is if you sharted with the end zone camera filming while you stood under center.”

After going 22nd overall in the 2014 draft, the rookie QB is currently fighting for the first-string QB position with Brian Hoyer.

All eyes will be on Manziel- and his finger- when the Browns play the St. Louis Rams in Cleveland on Saturday.

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