Watch Out Mediaite Interns! MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor Has Your Number

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

MSNBC political contributor Goldie Taylor is a little fragile today. In fact, she says, she awoke in tears. But last night she was full of vengeance — for anyone and everyone who works at Mediaite. Even their poor interns, the new recipients of her wrath.

Yeah, even their interns won’t be able to readily follow her on Twitter. TAKE THAT MEDIAITE! How about Mediaite‘s janitor? Can he follow you?


Taylor’s lashing out against Mediaite‘s interns stems from a story the site ran about her MSNBC buddy Chris Hayes advocating for police in Ferguson to arrest Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown. Mediaite changed the headline as soon as Hayes clarified his statement. He refused to see that he had written his tweet in such a way that led the site to think he was “calling for” an arrest.

Except Taylor apparently doesn’t know how to block or she missed someone rather high up — the editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell.

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