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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We do not fawn over people…It’s offensive that you call me like a Washington insider, I’m on Nantucket, baby.” — Joe Scarborough, laughing, on “Morning Joe” today to radio host Pat O’Brien, who was on the show plugging his new book, I’ll Be Right Back After This.

The Observer 

“I know this is kind of racist but I don’t think men should be allowed to buy flip flops.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

Rick Perry’s presser 

“At what part of this press conference does Rick Perry dump a bucket of ice water on his head?” — WSJ‘s Reid J. Epstein.

NYT social media editor checks back in 

“As part of my sick day I didn’t check Twitter all day. Did I miss anything?” — Daniel Victor, social media staff editor, NYT.

A Quick Q: “Hey YouTube, I know you delete channels for copyright infringement. How about for uploading video of a brutal murder by terrorists?”– Washington Free Beacon video editor David Rutz.

Journo emotes over James Foley beheading 

“I’m so upset over #JamesFoley. Want to feel something more complex, but just want every ISIS fighter dead. I know this isn’t right. But fuck.” — HuffPost associate business editor Alexander Kaufman.

The aftermath of Daily KosMarkos Moulitsas calling CNN’s Jake Tapper “pathetic” for agreeing to do a ride along with Ferguson’s police captain Ron Johnson wasn’t pretty: “The nice thing about Kos is that he always digs in rather than just being like ‘oh, my bad.’ Fuckwit” — Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Sonny Bunch.


Bottoms up Chuck Todd

“Chuck Todd is like ‘talking to a guy in a bar.’ Which is a good thing for Meet the Press.” — USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.

The Gambler 

“Now taking bets on what shitshow news we get hit with next before this summer is over. Kittens go extinct?” — The New Republic‘s Julia Ioffe.

More on that goddamn ice bucket challenge 

“Clearly my dumbest thot of the day: Should Ferguson protesters do the ice bucket challenge? I am working on too many topics. #journalism.” — David Mastio, forum editor, USA Today.