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An Automatic Weapon Is Whatever CNN’s Don Lemon Says It Is

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WARNING: The following post is racist, because it mocks a black person for being wrong and refusing to admit it.

Don Lemon and Van Jones are in Ferguson, Missouri, because that’s where all the cameras are. The following clip is from last night, when they had to put up with somebody named Ben Ferguson (no relation). As you’ll notice, Mr. Ferguson is white and therefore wrong.

Lemon: “For me, an automatic weapon is…”

That says it all, doesn’t it? For people who live in consensus reality, an automatic weapon is an automatic weapon. For Don Lemon and people who agree with Don Lemon, an automatic weapon is any weapon they want to call an automatic weapon, whether or not that weapon is, y’know, automatic.

Once Don Lemon has made that pronouncement, once he’s changed the definition to suit his argument, any disagreement is merely semantics.

And all the while, Van Jones smiles indulgently at the cracker-ass bitterclinger who’s frantically resorting to facts.

(Hat tip: Charles C.W. Cooke)