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HuffPost Ferguson Bureau? They’re Hiring A Citizen Journo, But You Will Pay Her

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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HuffPost editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, who appeared on Queen Latifiah‘s talk show Wednesday to plug her book and again tell the story of how she broke her cheekbone from exhaustion, can gallivant around the world as the outlet has bureaus in Italy, France, and Spain, where they have bare bones staffs and, of course, their signature unpaid bloggers.

But hire a reporter in Ferguson, Mo. and they have to ask readers to foot the bill?

Are they f–king serious?

“Basically, we can’t be everywhere,” says Ryan Grim, HuffPost‘s Washington Bureau Chief, of the fellowship they’re offering to this woman.

And yet, it appears they can. Do we really need to name more of their bureaus?

(Fine, there’s also Britain, Japan, Germany, and Brazil.)

The citizen journo they have in mind for their Missouri position is Mariah Stewart, who has been covering the protests. “With HuffPost readers’ support, we can make sure Stewart can continue her work,” they write, explaining that Mariah will work alongside HuffPost‘s Ryan J. Reilly, who was arrested with WaPo‘s ever obnoxious Wesley Lowery (who can forget, right?).

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