Man With Most Epic Mustache In America Slated To Head Fancypants Private School

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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After a string of controversies at America’s most expensive high school, The Lawrenceville School has elected a fabulously mustachioed man to replace the high school’s current progressive headmaster, Elizabeth Duffy.

In July 2015, the controversial and widely disliked Duffy will be replaced by handlebar-mustache-aficionado Stephen Murray, according to Lawrenceville’s official school website.

“Above all, Steve is a person of principle, values, and humanity, characteristics which have allowed him to make an indelible impact on the institutions and people he has encountered in his professional life,” Lawrenceville Board President Tom Carter said in the school’s announcement.

The Lawrenceville School has been facing national criticism since September 2013, when Duffy made the decision to wipe out America’s oldest full-contact house football league — citing health and safety concerns as the reasons to ax the beloved tradition. After the disgraced Duffy announced her plans of terminating the sport, the progressive headmistress also abruptly announced her resignation. (RELATED: Tackle Football Back, Headmaster Out At The Lawrenceville School)

News of Lawrenceville’s progressive agenda also made the rounds after 2014 graduate Maya Peterson was stripped of her title as first female student body president after posting a blatantly racist and sexist photo on Instagram. 

The picture depicted Peterson  — who is an African American, self-identified lesbian — wearing L.L. Bean Boots and a Yale University sweatshirt, while posing with a hockey stick. Peterson’s comments that accompanied the picture, included hashtags like “#romney2016,” “#confederate” and “#peakedinhighschool,” and claimed her white, male peers were just a bunch of entitled, Romney-voting jocks who get everything handed to them because, well, they’re white males, according to a Buzzfeed article. 

Duffy quietly announced her resignation this past February, and has still not released what she plans to do after she leaves her cushy job. But according to her resignation letter, she looks forward to finding how she “can make a significant difference in the world.”

Murray, who is married to his high school sweetheart and with whom he has five children, will leave his current position as headmaster at University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley in Ohio, and take over at Lawrenceville after the end of the 2015 school year. And according to school bureaucrats, they are looking forward to how Murray will handle running the prestigious boarding school– especially in how he will approach, and perhaps reinstate, the school’s illustrious traditions. 

“He understands the great opportunities and complexities of leading a school like Lawrenceville – with rich traditions and a proud 204-year history – into the future,” Carter said in the school’s announcement.

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